Industry: Industrial/Manufacturing

Location Uniontown, PA
Client JD&D Enterprises
Architect Fairchance Construction and K2 Engineering

Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Building

COE Distributing Expansion

Fairchance Construction is currently the design-builder for an expansion to building #2 at Franklin Commercial Park for COE Distributing. This project consists of nesting a 198,000 SF, Butler, pre-engineered building into an existing pre-engineered structure as well as 98,000 SF of metal over metal re-roof using Butler’s MR24 roof system. COE will be occupying the existing structure during construction. The new expansion will be phased so interference into the existing 69,000 SF of occupied warehouse will be minimal. The new area and re-roof will also have Sunlight Strip skylights installed for daylighting purposes. Interior space is mostly warehouse but some small restroom and office areas will also be constructed, as well as, a 14 door loading dock.

Project Photographs